District Made Spirits – District Made Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Style of Beer:
High-Rye Bourbon

Riverbend Malt(s) Used:
Carolina Rye

Tasting Notes:

The 2023 District Made Bottled in Bond Bourbon release starts with the 2014 harvest of rye and corn. Distilling took place in April of the following year, and we filled seven barrels. We hand-selected the three best of those barrels to create a bourbon bursting with flavor.

The first sip will have you drooling for more with its bright burst of sweet citrus fruits and white peppercorns surrounded by a cloud of cherry cola. The layers of spice build with each taste,

When/Where Available:
Releasing 3/3/23 in DC and Maryland Shipping nationally on https://www.districtmadespirits.com/shop

Release Type:

Release State:
District of Columbia