Appalachian Grains Partnership Yields 3 Ranges Appalachian Ale by Michael Waltrip Brewing Co.

Michael Waltrip Brewing Co. just tapped the 3 Ranges Appalachian Ale. This beer featured a custom pilsner malt that we produced in collaboration with Appalachian Grains.

Here’s Brent in the Bristol Herald Courier on the Appalachian Grains regional economic development project, which we’re excited to expand to include more growers in the years ahead.

“It’s important for us to continue to build the local network of grain growers. We focus on the hub and spoke model, and the hub is the conditioning, cleaning and packaging. We can’t be a traditional farm in terms of storage,” Manning said. “We also love that this is a new revenue stream for growers in the area. With winter grains, typically October to June, we’re not competing for space with soybeans, corn or whatever. This is a nice opportunity for growers to incorporate this into their crop rotation.”

Building a robust, local supply chain has always been a cornerstone of our malt on a mission philosophy. Thanks to David Crigger for helping us tell the story!