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Connecting the farm to the fermenter since 2010.

We work tirelessly to forge a connection between the land. The people who work it,  and the craft beverage industry. The results bring new varieties, unique flavors, added value, and brewhouse efficiency to our customers.

Why Us?

Local grain, local malt, local beer

Malt production has homogenized over the past 150 years, drastically reducing the variety and flavor available to brewers and distillers. Riverbend has disrupted the agri-business-controlled malt industry and shortened the malt supply chain by sourcing locally and building flavors that highlight the terroir of our region.

Malt in Brewing & Distilling

Supporting family farms

We have built strong, lasting relationships with the small family farms that are our growers. This foundation ensures a steady supply of high-quality grain and supports Southern agriculture, bringing dollars back to the Southeastern farm economy.

Local Farmers

The quest for fresh, consistent flavor is what drives our recipes. We blend new, ancient grain, and heirloom varieties in an effort to showcase our local agriculture and highlight sustainable growing practices.

Work directly with our experts to develop flavors.

We love a challenge! Craft brewers and artisan distillers, we invite you to come to us with your ideas and inspiration. Working together, we can channel your passion into a process to create unique custom malts. Whether you want an origin-specific Pilsner malt or something darker, we can make it happen.

The craft brewing and distilling world offers many so opportunities for unique flavor development. Let us help you craft something genuinely original.

Small batch and large scale

We designed the Gerber Road facility to meet the needs of all of our customers. Floor malting remains at the heart of what we do. Pneumatic equipment answers the call for larger projects.

Our Process

Let’s nerd out about beer

Raw materials, finished malts, research projects…we cover a lot of ground. Let’s talk about how these can help shape the next trends in craft beer and spirit production.

Meet Our Experts

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