Malt for Craft Brewing

How local master brewers are utilizing craft malt in the brewhouse.

Let’s start with a clean slate and build a recipe based on flavor. We’ve learned that making a big shift to utilizing our malt in a time-honored flagship might not be the best move.

Why, you ask?

Because our freshly-kilned base malts and specialty products produce richer, bolder flavors that will alter the finished product.

We can provide guidance on recipe development and share examples of commercial releases that feature our products in the best way possible. Armed with that information, you can create something distinctive, maybe even your next flagship!

Here are a few basic recipes to help get the creative energy flowing…


This recipe can help deliver that signature pillowy mouthfeel that is hallmark of the style. Higher levels of protein from the wheat and oats aid in haze formation and retention. The Hull and Oats also provide excellent filtration, making for a trouble-free brew day. Ferment with London Fog or similar strain. Hop with the latest and greatest tropical fruit-forward varieties.

American Pale Ale

A classic, updated with a local grain bill. Southern Select provides a solid malt backbone of fresh bread and biscuits. Crystal 50 delivers a just a touch of sticky, sweet fruit. Great Chit steps in for dextrin malt, supporting head retention and mouthfeel. Ferment with any American Ale strain and hop with the old school favorites, Cascade and Centennial.

Czech Amber Lager

This recipe can be fermented with your favorite Bohemian lager strain and Saaz hops. Czech Pilsner provides the perfect jumping off point for this one, allowing you to step mash or decoct with ease. Double Kilned Munich and Vienna work together to inject notes of honey, toffee, and toast. Great Chit supports head retention and mouthfeel in this old world lager. 

See a few craft brewing projects we’ve been a part of.

Which malt is best for…

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