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Riverbend Malt House creates unique, high-quality malt for the brewing and distilling industries, sourced from local, family-owned farms and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Hear about Riverbend from our founders, Brian and Brent.

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Products which highlight the inclusion of Riverbend malt tend to sell in higher volumes, and frequently at higher price points.


We start with the finest grain available in the southeast which must meet both our exacting standards and those of the American Malted Barley Association.

We carefully malt using historical hand-raking techniques and pneumatic on our state-of-the-art system. And we test every single batch internally and via a third-party testing laboratory.

We won’t sell malt that is anything but superb. Nothing is shipped until it has passed our stringent requirements for quality, flavor, and performance.


Our Founders, Brian and Brent, both come from farming families. That’s why we love working with local, family-owned farms to source some of the finest barley, wheat, corn, and rye in the world.

We have long-standing relationships with farmers throughout the Southeast and can accommodate requests for state-specific grain.


Riverbend Malt House was the original craft maltster in the Southeast, and we’ve been making unique malt with these local grains Since 2010. Along the way, we’ve done a lot of listening to our 200+ customers about what they want in their craft malt.

Whether you are looking for a base malt, a specialty malt, or a unique custom malt explicitly developed for you, you’ll benefit from our years of work in the malt and craft beverage industry. Experience, customer service, and a love of craft beer and spirits are the building blocks of our custom malt program. Let’s have a conversation today about crafting something special. 


Environmental stewardship is a core Riverbend value, and we make every business decision with environmental conservation in mind.

Most malt on the market is grown and malted several time zones away– perhaps even in another country or on another continent. The travel distance and time have implications for malt quality and for our planet, which is just one of the reasons we are passionate about sourcing locally.

We have also implemented a waste recycling program with local farmers that converts 90% of our solid waste into feed for local livestock.

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