Malt for Craft Distilling

How craft distillers in the Southeast are utilizing craft malt.

We offer many options of malt for distillers ideal for building a beautiful, complex distillate.  Whether you are creating a grain-based Vodka, a new school Bourbon, or an American Single Malt Whiskey, we’ve got you covered.

Before getting started, we want to encourage you to think outside the box.  There is more to malted barley than ‘distillers malt’.

Specialty malt can deliver more complex flavors with products like our Vienna Malt, Light Munich, and Cumberland Corn Malt, which contribute unique character to the spirit without sacrificing yield.

Couple these specialties with our rapidly expanding smoked malt to create something innovative!

We are happy to assist with recipe development and share examples of commercial releases that feature our products.  The world of distilling offers so many opportunities for flavor development: ingredients, process, wood, time, and proofing.  Let us help you make something truly unique.

Here are a few grain-bills to illustrate the uniqueness and versatility of our ingredients….

Wheated Bourbon

Products like our Cumberland Corn Malt introduce all kinds of flavor possibilities in a bourbon.  The process of malting adds a rich, earthiness to the corn which is not present in its raw form. Our Southern Select adds subtle biscuity, bready notes to this spirit and the Appalachian Wheat softens the spirit and allows the corn sweetness to shine through.

American Single Malt Whiskey

This grain bill really showcases the unique house flavor of our malts.  The Southern Select is our take on the English pale malt style and serves as the base for this recipe.  The edition of our Munich Malts provide rich, dark fruit character to the distillate that only grows more complex with time in the barrel.

Rye Whiskey

Most rye whiskeys made today are produced with raw hybrid varieties that lack the punch of heirlooms. We utilized Wrens Abruzzi in our Carolina Rye malt. This variety has been in the South since the Civil War and delivers notes of fresh cracked black peppercorn and baking spice.  This grain bill is designed with that in mind and includes our Cumberland Corn malt to sweeten the distillate a bit.  Our Base Camp is a base malt that adds some interesting bready notes, while allowing the Carolina Rye to do the talking.

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