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Meet our malts! We have a diverse portfolio of base and specialty malts, smoked malt, and malt for distillers.

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2-Row Barley

2-row barley is a recent addition to our portfolio. We currently work with Violetta and Calypso for our 2-row malts. We are in the process of testing Flavia and Scala. Each of these barley varieties has a distinct flavor profile and unique agronomic traits.

6-Row Barley

We’ve worked with Thoroughbred Barley since we started in 2010. Originally developed by Virginia Tech, it has been successfully grown for many years. The unique grainy, sweet flavor is utilized in farmhouse ale programs throughout the South.



We work with a modern variety of wheat called Viper. After years of chasing heirlooms, we decided to focus on this variety because it offers superior disease resistance and good yields for our farm partners. It has also received high marks from the artisan bread-baking community around Asheville. Our brewers and distillers love it for its sweet, earthy flavor and high extract levels.



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