Double Kilned Munich

Double Kilned Munich is malted from 2-row barley grown on family owned farms in the Southeast. As its name suggests, Double Kilned Munich makes two trips through the kiln, a process that helps develop the complex flavors and increases color to approximately 50 SRM. This malt will contribute a beautiful, ruby red hue and notes of dark fruit and toffee with a touch of fresh roasted coffee to beers styles such as Czech Dark Lager, Baltic Porter, and winter seasonals. 

GRAIN: Blend of  2-row Barleys

FLAVORS: Dark Fruit, Toffee, Coffee

GOOD FOR:  Czech Dark Lager, Baltic Porter, Winter Seasonals

Min Extract FG: 79%

Protein: 10.8%

S/T Ratio: 46-48

Min Alpha Amylase: 30

Min DP: 60

Color: 45-55 SRM

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