Czech-Style Pilsner

Malts hailing from the Haná valley in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic, remain truly under-modified and low in color. In order to reign in these traits, we reduced our steep out moisture and reduced germination temperatures, and coupled this approach with a cool, gentle kiln recipe to ensure minimal color development. The result is a malt with a distinct flavor and color of 2 SRM or less.

The lack of modification opens the door for brewers to utilize step mashing or multiple decoctions to increase efficiency and build flavor. Don’t have that capability in your brew house? Not to worry– we aimed for a level modification that doesn’t require these steps.

GRAIN: Blend of 2-row Barleys

FLAVORS: Bread dough, wildflowers

GOOD FOR: Light lagers

Min Extract FG: 80%

Protein: 10.2%

S/T Ratio: 42-43

Min Alpha Amylase: 35

Min DP: 110

Color: 2 SRM or less

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