Chesapeake Pilsner

This malt is produced using 2-row barley sourced from Virginia. This one was born from our custom malt program, which gave us ample opportunity to craft a nicely balanced mix of bread crumb and honeysuckle. A touch sweeter than our original 6-row Pilsner. The light color allows for inclusion across a wide range of styles.

GRAIN   2-row Barley

FLAVORS  Bread crumb, floral

GOOD FOR  Lagers, Hop Forward Beer Styles, Bourbon, Single Malt Whiskey

Min Extract FG: 80.0%

Protein: 10.7%

S/T Ratio: 40-45

Min Alpha Amylase: 40

Min DP: 100

Color: 1.8-2.2 SRM

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