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So, what is malt?

Simply put, malt is the soul of beer.

It provides the color, body, flavor, and mouthfeel in every beer. A wide variety of cereal grains such as barley, wheat, rye, corn, and oats can all be malted using the standard three step process of steeping, germinating, and kilning.

Our recipes are driven by a quest for fresh, consistent flavor. We blend both new and heirloom varieties in an effort to showcase our local agriculture.

These are just a few of our newest malts and top sellers. Take a look at all malts we have to offer.

Which malt is best for…

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Work directly with our experts to develop flavors… this is an opportunity to bring something special to your next seasonal or flagship release. We make every effort to stock different varieties of barley, wheat, rye every year to help set the table for these projects.


Work with our experts to discuss your vision. Is it a specific style you’re after? Or is grain provenance the goal?


We develop a sample, get your feedback and test until it’s perfect.


We can start with a 2-ton batch or scale up to the 10-ton system for high volume. The choice is yours.

Get a malt that no one else has.

See the full process for developing a custom malt.

100% Southern Grown

We have built long-term relationships with our growers. This foundation ensures a steady supply of high-quality grain and supports our network of local farmers.

Why us?

  • High-quality products
  • Locally-sourced
  • Heirloom and new varieties
  • Custom malt development capabilities
  • Expert custom service
  • Next-day shipping available

Let’s Get Started

Wondering about a few things?

No minimum order. However, the shipping companies charge the same amount to deliver 100 pounds as they do to deliver 2,000.

Orders of 4,000 pounds or less than can ship the next business day.

Yes! We deliver to breweries and distilleries throughout the Asheville area. We utilize several different shipping companies to ensure competitive pricing for our out-of-town customers.

Most breweries in Asheville have a beer on tap that features Riverbend malt – just ask at the bar.  Riverbend sells to over 200 customers and is broadly available in craft brewing and craft distilling products throughout the Southeast.  A number of our customers display the Riverbend logo on their products.

We have a one page account information form to kick off the process. We also require a tax exempt form. After that, we are good to go! Contact us to get started.

Reach out to Brent Manning ( to schedule a consultation. We are usually able to schedule these projects within 2-3 weeks. Find out more about custom malts here.

For home brewers wishing to purchase malt in small quantities (less than 50 pounds), please contact one of our home brewing supply partners:

In Asheville:

Asheville Brewers Supply

712B Merrimon Ave. Asheville, NC 28804


In Charlotte:

Alternative Beverage

3911 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28209


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