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The Makers Series Debuts With First Episode Featuring Bowigens Beer Company and Riverbend Malt House

The same producers of the show Crafted that debuted on Amazon Prime earlier this year premiered a new show called The Makers on Tuesday. This digital series and podcast profiles the makers, creators, culture, and community of craft beer. The…

Riverbend Malt House Announces 10 Year Harvest Beers Crafted With Sunset Wheat Malt

ASHEVILLE, NC— Riverbend Malt House and a number of its brewing customers are excited to announce a lineup of specialty beers featuring the new Sunset Wheat Malt, in celebration of the malt house’s last decade in business.  Earlier…

Introducing the Riverbend Malt House 10 Year Anniversary Malt: Sunset Wheat Malt

Just in time for autumn, Riverbend Malt House welcomes a new sunset-hued malt variety into its portfolio. Sunset Wheat Malt is now available for purchase by brewers and distillers across the Southeast. This new malt is rooted in the same…

Riverbend Malt House Hits Recycling Milestone: 100,000 Pounds Of Rootlets Repurposed For Southeast Agriculture

Riverbend Malt House is proud to announce its milestone of 100,000 pounds of rootlets repurposed for the nearby ecosystem of local farmers. While not usable in the malting process, Riverbend sends the remaining husks— or rootlets—…

Riverbend Malt House Announces Capacity Expansion

Riverbend Malt House today announced the successful completion of the first batch of barley malted on its new 10-tonne Germination Kiln Vessel (GKV) unit. Read more in this press release.

“Crafted” Season 2 feat Riverbend Malt House Now Available on Amazon Prime

Riverbend Malt House is featured as one of the “makers” in the documentary series Crafted now available on Amazon Prime.   Amazon Prime "Crafted" Season 2 featuring Riverbend Malt House now available