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Calling all craft brewers and artisan distillers, there’s a new craft malt available from Riverbend Malt House. Sunset Wheat is here1

This new malt is rooted in the same high quality soft red winter wheat that we use for our flagship Appalachian Wheat. From there we explored a warmer kilning regime similar to a Munich-style. This technique uses large volumes of warm, moist air to develop the building blocks for color and flavor development. The result is a malt that is reminiscent of cookie dough finished with a dash of baking spice.

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After 10 years in the craft malt business, we’re reflecting on our past, and how we want to approach our future with the least environmental impact possible. The timing was perfect for’s Authority Magazine to interview us about our sustainability mission.

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In 2019, the newly named “Project Calypso” led to the planting of almost 30 acres of malting-quality barley in Lee and Scott County that was later processed at Riverbend before it was shipped to 18 Virginia brewers, including Sugar Hill in St. Paul. We’re proud to be a part of what The Pulse calls Virginia’s “grain renaissance.”

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Thanks to Atlanta City Journal for picking a brew made with Riverbend malt!

Brewed with Vienna malt, Munich malt and floor-malted pilsner malt, all sourced from Riverbend Malt House in North Carolina, Arches Fest Bier is a Märzen-style lager with a whole lot of malt flavor. There’s a bit Caramunich 3, as well, which gives the beer a beautiful dark amber color, and a touch of residual sweetness, while a late addition of Saaz hops add a hint of spice.

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