Nashville Scene: Craft Brewers Came to Nashville, and Nashville Treated Them Great

The 2023 Craft Brewers Conference was a huge success! It was an honor to have our malt included in the recipe for the conference beer, Tri Star Blonde Ale, and it was so much fun to taste beers made with our malt all over town.

Thank you to the Brewers Association for having us at the expo, and also to moderate the Building an Educational Beer Festival panel featuring Sharon Cheek of the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild, Matt Leff of Rhizome Productions and Nate Underwood from Harding House Brewing Company discussing the Farm To Tap initiative.

Chris Chamberlain of Nashville Scene was one of the attendees at this seminar, which he recapped in this Nashville Scene article about his conference experience. “Farm to Tap was offered as a model to engage drinkers in a more focused and environmentally topical festival,” he says. “Cheek, Leff and Underwood shared their lessons learned and offered helpful suggestions to the assembled crowd who seemed really receptive to their message. Overall, the events drew around 500 to 700 consumers each and featured 30-plus breweries, including some who joined the Guild specifically so that they could get involved. Cheek remarked how eager that the brewers were to be a part of the events and how much they helped out during the festivals.”

We’re thrilled to see the continuation of Farm To Tap! Follow along and check out the Farm To Tap survey results on the Tennessee Brewers Guild website.

Photos courtesy McNeely Brockman PR