Fireforge Crafted Beer – The Fixer

Style of Beer:
Baltic Porter

Riverbend Malt(s) Used:
Vienna Malt, Munich Malt, Cherrywood Smoked Malt

Tasting Notes:

The flavors in a Baltic Porter are driven by the malts. Expect malty dark caramel, chocolate and pipe tobacco-like flavors with a smooth finish. Baltic Porter is a strong, lagered porter. Porters are typically made with ale yeast, which can impart fruity esters. Using a more neutral lager yeast strain puts more emphasis on the complex malt flavors. Dark brown in color, porters feature dart malt flavors like a stout, but are not as intense or roasty.

When/Where Available:
On tap and in cans while supplies last

Release Type:

Release State:
South Carolina