Modern Farmer: How Distilling Almost Killed—Then Revived—One Of America’s Heritage Crops

Bloody Butcher Corn has a rich story that’s woven into the history of American distilling. Some recent Modern Farmer coverage of this heritage crop reveals its evolution from moonshine to near extinction to abundant use in craft distilleries.

We were thrilled to weigh in, and we’re excited to provide Bloody Butcher Corn malt to many craft distillers across the Southeast region.

Check out the article here, and contact us if you’d like to purchase Bloody Butcher for your next recipe.

Along the eastern seaboard, there’s a growing network of folks interested in reanimating the dead—or, at least, the nearly dead. “There’s definitely a robust network on the eastern seaboard of people in brewing, distilling, academics and malting that are building on a lot of these storylines and getting some of these varieties back into the public’s hands,” says Brent Manning, certified cicerone and co-founder of Asheville, NC-based Riverbend Malt House.