SevenFifty Daily: 6 Beer Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

“Global Crises Spur More Local Beers.” That’s on Joshua Bernstein’s list of beer industry trends to look for this year that just posted on SevenFifty Daily.

It’s true— the global supply chain is making ingredient purchasers turn to their backyards to source malt that’s not just local and readily available, but higher in quality and better performing in brewhouses.

We’re proud to have Virginia Tech’s Eastern Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center in our backyard, where small grains researchers have developed barley varieties able to weather our distinct climate in the Southeast.  Such efforts will “support a more diverse and durable crop of quality malting barley for the challenges ahead,” as our Co-Founder Brent Manning was quoted.

Now that’s malt with a mission. Read the article here.