“Late in 2020, New Belgium made the decision to use Riverbend Malt House, located in Asheville, for a portion of the total malt needs in the production of Old Tuffy. Cans now hitting the shelves will feature the “Craft Malt Certified Beer” seal to illustrate the brewers’ dedication to local North Carolina farmers and the Riverbend Malt House.

In addition to enhancing the flavor profile of the beer, the malts deepen Old Tuffy’s connections with the Wolfpack: Riverbend’s co-founder, Brent Manning, is a fourth-generation NC State alum and 2000 graduate of the College of Natural Resources. He started Riverbend in 2011 with significant assistance from the small grains staff at NC State Extension.

We see this project as a great way to connect North Carolina farmers to the Old Tuffy project.

“We are really excited to connect North Carolina farmers to the Old Tuffy project,” said Manning. “NC State Agricultural Extension was a huge help to Riverbend in our early days and we continue our partnership to this day. We see this project as a great way to support their work and further the goals of the craft malt industry.”


“Four Asheville breweries — Bhramari Brewing Co., Green Man Brewery, Zillicoah Beer Co. and DSSOLVR — will be featured in the second season of “Crafted,” a series on Amazon Prime and Facebook Watch. The show, produced by Craig Chapman, tours craft breweries across the country. The White Labs yeast facility and Riverbend Malt House will also be included in the episode.”


“The Craft Malt Con Online closed with an awards ceremony, officiated by Brent Manning of Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, NC. Manning kept the positive spirit of the event alive by wearing a tuxedo to the awards ceremony, and often spoke in front of a virtual grain field.”


“Brent Manning with the Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, North Carolina, said his company obtains resources from across the Southeast. He added that he likes to help small farmers, and he’s happy to help those in Southwest Virginia.”


“Those components paired with the whiskey—a recent collaboration with local Riverbend Malt House—combine perfectly to create a warming, semisweet, luxurious winter beverage, says Donaldson.”


Christi Atkinson hosts as Alan Bishop and Royce Neeley interview Brent Manning of Riverbend Malt House.

Distillers Talk #36


Chemist Spirits, a distillery based out of Asheville, North Carolina, recently announced the release of their Founder’s Reserve Single Malt Whiskey.  https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/american-whiskey/north-carolinas-chemist-spirits-offers-up-a-new-single-malt/


Crafted in partnership with Riverbend Malt House, the spirit is aged in charred American Oak barrels to create what’s described as “a deep Scottish-style red ale and single malt whiskey blended to cask strength.” Official tasting notes speak of expecting “the color to be amber with copper tones. The nose will tickle and tease of toasted oak, honey, apricots and fig. A sultry dance on the tongue, flavors of dark stone fruit, Amaretto, toasted cereal, and vanilla tobacco leaf take the lead into a creamy, full-bodied and strong willed mouthfeel.”

Riverbend Malt House, for its part, is a barley malt supplier based in North Carolina that supplies local craft brewers and distillers. The company has a mission based off of supporting family farms and supporting Southern agriculture.



“Malt is the foundational ingredient of beer, but it’s an afterthought for most craft beer fans. A new group of small, artisan malt houses are returning character to brewing malt, and that malt is popping up in unexpected places—including bean to bar chocolate bars.

In this episode we’ll talk with Brian Simpson of Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, North Carolina, who malts barley and other grains for craft brewers and distillers. We’ll also talk with French Broad Chocolates co-founder Jael Skeffington, who uses Riverbend malt in her best-selling chocolate bar, and Kyle Spears & Dan Lauro, the brewers at Carillon Brewing Company in Dayton, Ohio, who use Riverbend Malt in their historical 19th century ales.”

“Free Range Brewing’s other culinary partners include Jamie Swofford (The Chef’s Farmer), Riverbend Malt House...”

“In this show, I talk to both Brent Manning of Asheville’s Riverbend Malt House and to Andrew White, a seventh generation North Carolina farmer who is diversifying into growing specialty barley and oats to supply the craft malt house.”