West Virginia Beer Roads: What You Should Know About Craft Malt

West Virginia Beer Roads, a podcast all about beer from a West Virginia perspective, hosted us for an all-about-malt episode. On the show with us was Weathered Ground Brewing Co., who use Riverbend malt in many of their saisons


They tasted Weathered Ground’s Of The Sun and Moon and Stars, which uses Cumberland Pilsner as a base with the additions of Heritage Malt and Appalachian Wheat in the grist. “We want a low color, lightly kilned malt for this basic Saison grain bill to make a light beer that’s crisp and straw colored. Cumberland Pilsner has neutral fresh bread, biscuit, cracker flavors that let the yeast shine. As it gets warmer you can taste that malt coming through. It’s a great base malt for Saisons.”


They also dug into our history aligned with barley crop production in the Southeast, single origin Pilsner craft malt varieties, the Craft Maltsters Guild Certified Seal, and more.

Listen in!