Riverbend Announces Hull & Oats Malt

Riverbend Malt House Announces Hull and Oats

New specialty grain ideal for hazy IPAs

Asheville, NC – August 20th, 2019. Riverbend Malt House today announced the immediate availability of Hull and Oats, a new specialty oat malt. Crafted to provide a balanced element in styles that benefit from enhanced viscosity, Hull and Oats is a perfect complement to popular styles ranging from adjunct stouts to hazy IPAs.

Utilizing the Brooks oat variety developed by North Carolina State University with an eye toward high protein levels and disease resistance, Hull and Oats maintains Riverbend’s commitment to sourcing local ingredients by partnering with small family farms in neighboring Virginia. Hull and Oats was designed with beer production in mind, with the oat hulls providing a natural filter and a 14 percent protein level to deliver a smooth, silky mouthfeel.

“We are really excited to expand our catalog with the release of Hull and Oats,” noted Brent Manning, Co-Founder and head of product development for Riverbend. “They deliver a sweet, creamy flavor to a wide variety of styles including hazy IPAs. The contributions to mouthfeel and body are substantial given the elevated protein levels.”

In a crowded segment such as hazy IPA, utilizing premium malts can be a valuable point of differentiation, and choosing hulled oats over flaked or rolled alternatives can make a brewer’s finished beer stand out from the pack. Riverbend has met with robust demand for its superior specialty products, and Hull and Oats is no exception.

“I have no doubt that Riverbend will see great success with Hull and Oats, people really want their oats right now,” points out Bhramari Brewing Company Owner and Head Brewer Gary Sernack. “We’ve always loved working with Streaker Oats in the past, but for Neon Ghosts we wanted to keep innovating. Hull and Oats delivered the flavor profile our customers are looking for, giving the beer something new and different while maintaining the local connection that’s so important to us. It’s now our best selling beer, and that says something about the quality of Riverbend’s oats.”

Riverbend’s Hull and Oats is in stock now and available for immediate delivery, with same-day shipping available on eligible orders placed before noon, Monday through Thursday.

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