Riverbend Malt House Announces Initial Participants in Craft Malt Program

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Riverbend Malt House Announces Initial Participants in Craft Malt Program

New Craft Maltsters Guild program recognizes Breweries and Distilleries which support local craft malt

The Craft Malt Certified™ Seal Program

Asheville, NC – September 13th, 2019. Riverbend Malt House today announced partnerships with five of the initial participants in the Certified Craft Malt Seal program, a new national-scale initiative developed by the Craft Maltsters Guild. The Seal program allows partner brewers and distillers to signify their commitment to utilizing locally sourced raw materials through a trademarked seal available for marketing and labeling purposes. The Guild program was officially unveiled on Friday, September 13th, in conjunction with a series of nationwide Craft Malt Day events.

The First of Its Kind

The first program of its kind in the craft malt industry, the Certified Craft Malt Seal is available to all breweries or distilleries sourcing 10 percent or more of their grain from craft maltsters, either for specific individual beverages or across the entire production lineup.  The Seal provides an opportunity for product differentiation within a crowded marketplace in which discerning customers are increasingly choosing to support local businesses with their beverage spending. Craft Maltsters Guild certification requires sponsorship from a maltster member of the Guild.

“We’re very happy for this increased level of certification to become available,” notes William Goldberg, Co-Founder and Head Distiller at Oak and Grist Distillery.  “We’re committed to using local malt such as Riverbend because it allows us to create a unique product emphasizing our native terroir, and the Craft Malt Seal lets our customers know just how important that is to us.”

A New Level of Distinction

Choosing local malt provides craft beer and spirits producers with a compelling narrative focused not only on supporting small businesses and increasing environmental sustainability within the supply chain but also on creating products that stand out.  The Certified Craft Malt Seal gives brewers and distillers a simplified means of conveying that narrative to consumers.

“As a small business, we feel a strong moral and ethical obligation to support our neighbors,” explains DSSOLVR Brewing Company Co-Founder and Head Brewer Vince Tursi.  “Beyond that, sourcing grist from local malt houses gives us something we can’t get from the big guys. Local maltsters like Riverbend process differently and provide a fresher product, giving us the rustic flavor profiles we’re aiming for while giving our beers a sense of place. The Seal lets us express that to our customers with a simple image.”

In addition to Oak and Grist and DSSOLVR, other Asheville-area breweries committed to the Certified Craft Malt Seal program brewery-wide include Burial Beer Co., Bhramari Brewing, and Brouwerij Cursus Keme. Breweries and distilleries interested in using the Seal can find more information and apply for certification at https://craftmalting.com/the-guild/membership/

About Riverbend Malt House

Riverbend Malt House, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Asheville, NC, is one of the original craft malting facilities in the US. Utilizing grain sourced from local, family-owned farmers, Riverbend malt fuels high-quality, unique beverages produced by hundreds of North America’s finest craft breweries and distilleries.


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