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Riverbend Malt House Announces Pecan Wood Smoked Wheat Malt

First in new product line of smoked malts with unique, local character

Asheville, NC – May 19th, 2020. Riverbend Malt House today announced the immediate availability of its new Pecan Wood Smoked Appalachian Wheat. This smoked malt is the first release in a series of smoked malt products which will be introduced in coming months.

Riverbend’s VP Engineering Adam Demchak designed and hand-built Riverbend’s smoker, giving Riverbend a unique capability to produce a wide range of smoked malts using various combinations of hard woods and malts. Additionally, custom smoked malts can be produced in response to the creative requirements of individual customers. Brewers will find that the new smoked products allow them to explore new flavors in beers such as Rauchbiers, while distillers can take advantage of the new and unique malt flavors in distilled products such as American Single Malt Whiskeys.

“We found that flavor options for smoked malts were extremely limited,” says Brent Manning, Founder and head of product development for Riverbend. “By offering small batch, hand smoked malts, we can customize by selecting a specific hardwood, such as wild cherry or apple wood, and then pair with one of our malts like Light Munich or Southern Select.”

“We just brewed a Smoked Helles with Riverbend’s Pecan Wood Smoked Appalachian Wheat,” says Whit Lanning, owner and brewer of Burning Blush Brewery. “I designed the beer to have a delicate smoke character. The aroma was fantastic in the brew kettle.”