Riverbend™ Malt House Introduces “Southern Select” 2-row Barley Malt

New product to be available September 1st

Asheville, NC – August 15th, 2017. Riverbend Malt House today announced the availability of its new “Southern Select” malt product, utilizing locally sourced 2-row barley.

“There has been a persistent myth that 2-row barley couldn’t be viably grown in the South,” stated Brent Manning, Riverbend Founder/Head Maltster. “Working closely with our farming partners, we are now able to source locally grown, high quality 2-row barley from which we are able to make spectacular malt.”

“We have partnered with Riverbend Malt House for years to help create distinctive flavors across our core lineup of beers,” commented Alexa Long, Head Brewer at Legion Brewing Company. “We’re pretty excited about their new 2-row malt product as it will allow us to continue to innovate with locally-sourced ingredients.”

“Riverbend now has a 2-row barley offering to complement our traditional 6-row barley product,” continued Manning. “This is part of our strategy to offer an increasing range of malt products which address individual brewer preferences and enable our customers to explore new flavor profiles in their products.”

Orders for “Southern Select” may be placed immediately, and the first product shipments to customers will commence on September 1st.

About Riverbend Malt House
Riverbend Malt House, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Asheville, NC, is one of the original craft malting facilities in the US. Utilizing grain sourced from local, family owned farmers, Riverbend malt fuels high quality, unique beverages produced by hundreds of North America’s finest craft breweries and distilleries.

Press and Sales contact:
Matt Thompson, Sales Director 206.799.0999 matt@riverbendmalt.com