Good Beer Matters: Craft Malt in 2022


In episode 95 of the Good Beer Matters podcast, our very own Brent and Jesse Bussard of the Craft Maltsters Guild had the opportunity to dive into the importance of craft malt in craft beer production with host Jeremy Storton.

Jesse and Brent touched on how important community and connection were in getting interested in craft. Brent described that “ethos” as key in his decision to get started.

“We’re really looking back to the roots of beer production,’ Brent explained.”In the early days, the malthouse was inside of the brewery, it was all a part of the process chain. We’re unlocking a lot of those old historical scales and flavors when we talk about this.”

Brent and Jesse went on to explain the Guild’s Craft Malt Certified Seal program. Jesse described how the seal itself is a vehicle to tell the story of local craft malt. With so many breweries throughout the country, the seal is a differentiation point, even for larger breweries like New Belgium. It was intentionally designed to key people in to the fact that beer is an agricultural product.

“Drinking is an agricultural act. We want people to make that connection.” — Brent

The Guild and craft malt have expanded, both literally and in the craft beer consciousness. From Denver to Asheville, to Belize (where maybe the Craft Malt Conference can take place one day, just sayin’) the Guild has connected customers to their products in an authentic and delicious way.

We’re proud to be a part of it, and we had a blast being a part of this podcast. Thanks Jeremy!