Riverbend Malt House Chesapeake Pilsner Earns 2022 Malt Cup

Riverbend Malt House was honored by the Craft Maltsters Guild with a bronze Malt Cup award for its Chesapeake Pilsner malt. The award was presented at the 2022 Craft Malt Conference.

2022 marks the fourth year of this prestigious awards program— often called the Great American Beer Festival® or the Oscars® of craft malt– that recognizes craft maltsters for the quality and consistency of their malt varieties. The program awards medals for three categories– Pilsen, Pale, and Pale Ale malt. Riverbend is proud to receive the bronze award in the Pilsen category for its Chesapeake Pilsner.

Chesapeake Pilsner is produced using 2-Row barley grown in Virginia. It was born from Riverbend’s custom craft malt program, designed to create a balanced mix of bread crumb and honeysuckle flavors and a light color that allows for inclusion across a wide range of styles. “This year’s crop of Violetta barley featured plump kernels with low protein, perfect for creating a low color malt with high extract” says Brent Manning, Riverbend’s Co-Founder. “Our customers have incorporated it into a wide variety of lager and farmhouse recipes, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

One of those customers, Elation Brewing in Norfolk, Virginia, recently went all in on Riverbend as their primary malt provider. “I attribute the cracker-y, crisp flavors in our flagship Larchmont Lager to Chesapeake Pilsner malt,” says Bob Sweeney of Elation.

“Every pound of material in this building has been evaluated for sensory evaluation,” adds Riverbend Co-Founder Brian Simpson. After ten years we’re not just selling local, we’re selling the highest quality, most consistent malt we’ve ever made.”

To place an order of the award-winning Chesapeake Pilsner or any other of Riverbend’s malts for brewers and distillers, email orders@riverbendmalt.com.

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