Wine Enthusiast: Diversified Malt as a Focus for 2022

Hillary Barile

As part of a series of interviews with brewery pros, Wine Enthusiast asked what they thought 2022 was going to look like in the ever-changing landscape of craft beer. From inclusion to an awareness of Big Beer, there were plenty of suggestions. The on-going pandemic supply chain issue was also brought up, and the question of how to address it. One answer: diversified malt.

Hillary Barile, a member of the Board of Directors for the Craft Maltsters Guild, emphasized the realization that a diversified malt supply can alleviate some those supply chain strains. She stressed that remains true, even for larger companies like New Belgium, whose Old Tuffy light lager uses Light Munich craft malt from Riverbend.

“I think that the way that these two things intersect is interesting,” said Barile. “Barley and malt shortages in the traditional supply chain will make the craft supply chain more appealing and some regional malthouses have a good crop of barley to work with. ”

Thanks Wine Enthusiast for the Riverbend shout out, and props to Hillary on this important industry commentary. Read more here.