Our 10th (!!!!) Harvest Report – 2021

Wow, the samples are starting to arrive and they look beautiful!


Each year we hold our collective breathe from late May to mid June, watching the weather and waiting for early reports on grain quality. These crucial weeks determine the next 15 months for us. If heavy rains fall and the crop suffers, we have a long road ahead. If the skies clear, we can match quality specs with just about anyone.


Many of you may have heard me mention the “Father’s Day” rains that can make or break our harvest. Over the past few years a lingering storm system has often developed and remained stagnant over some of our grower’s fields. This prolonged mix of precipitation and heavy cloud cover can lead to pre-harvest sprout damage, weathered kernels, and low test weight.


I’m happy to report that our early June rains were brief and followed by abundant sunshine….the perfect recipe for a solid harvest!


Bright kernels, high test weight, low DON levels and recording breaking yields.


Over the next few weeks, our production team will pour over the incoming data and make our selections for the coming year. We should have abundant, high-quality 2-row from growers throughout the Southeast. Stay tuned for a few surprises as well!

  • Brent