Seven Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Malt

We know you have many options, and we aim to make you proud with your choice of malt provider. Here are seven ways you can really make your investment in craft malt count in 2024.

1. Put Your Craft Malt Manual To Work

Use our Craft Malt User Manual to gain a deeper understanding of how your investment leads to innovative products, supports local, family-owned farms, and protects the environment. You’ll also find out how the use of high-quality, locally sourced malt can enable you to sell more beer and spirits at a higher price.


2. Use the #madewithRiverbend hashtag

We love to hear about beers and spirits #madewithRiverbend malt! Use the hashtag to be featured on our Instagram account, and fill out this form to land your products on our website.



3. Get Creative With Custom Malt

We love custom and smoked malt projects! Last year we worked with our customers to create signature base malt, estate malt, fig wood smoked Pilsner, and malt steeped in custom water profile designed to mimic the hard water from Belgium– among other exciting flavor and process explorations. Let us know how we can turn your vision for a special beer or spirit into a reality.



4. Craft A Truly Southern Lager

We’re inspired by and hope to propel the Southern Lager movement! We love to help our customers build recipes that are “true to style,” but still with a touch of Southern terroir.


5. Dust Off The Homebrew Equipment

Hey homebrewers! Finding that forgotten equipment might just be a good New Years Resolution, especially now that so many homebrew supply shops sell Riverbend malt… just sayin’.


6. Join The Craft Malt Certified™ Seal

If 10% of the malt you purchase or the malt you use in at least one recipe comes from craft maltsters, you’re eligible to join the Craft Malt Certified™ seal. Usage of the seal on products and in other marketing helps bridge the “grain to glass” divide, connecting your customers with family farmers.

Become a craft malt convert! Apply and learn more here.



7. See You At #MaltCon2024

Join us at the world’s only craft malt conference in Davis, California (or virtually) next month! MaltCon2024 takes place February 22-24. It’s a great opportunity for our brewery and distillery customers to learn more about malting, malt usage, flavor, and so much more.