Six Reasons To Invest In Craft Malt For Your Next Recipe

Malt Growing In Field

six reasons

We’re inspired by the eco-conscious and passionate crafters of small batch beer and spirits in the Southeast, and we’re on a mission to create a local, sustainable food system that adds value and credibility to these artisan products that tell the story of our region. Here are six reasons to use our craft malt in your next recipe.

Family Farms First: When you make Riverbend Malt your malt supplier, you’re supporting Southeast family farms such as Walnut Grove, ASR Grain, Bay’s Best, and Teeter Farm. Supporting local farmers helps create a complete ecosystem for local beer and artisan spirits

Transparency & Traceability: We’ll tell you how some of the best malt in North America is sourced, down to the farmer and field. Our goal is to purchase 100% of our raw materials from within a 500-mile radius of the malt house. We currently partner with family farmers in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The majority of our 2021 harvest was sourced from North Carolina, which meets our ongoing objective to shorten our supply chain. 

Quality & Freshness: Great malt requires great grain, so we pay premium prices to ensure we have access to the best raw material available. We use the highest quality heirloom and newly released grains and traditional floor-malting techniques; each batch undergoes thorough testing including a sensory evaluation and third party analysis. And, you’ll get it fresh.Our malt doesn’t have to cross the ocean in a bulk bin— and our brewery and distillery partners can taste the difference.  

Service With a Smile: : We’re on a mission to help you grow your business. Let’s put our heads together— our craft maltsters are here to help you with process issues or other challenges that come up in your brewhouses and distilleries. 

We like to be good neighbors, too: if you’re in the Asheville area, your delivery is on us! No matter where you are, our short supply chain and easy ordering process allow for faster delivery. 

Malt On A Mission: Making great craft malt isn’t possible without healthy people and a healthy planet. We’ve been Living Wage Certified since 2014, and we’ve paid 100 percent of employee healthcare insurance premiums since 2018. 

The grains that commodity malting operations use have a long ride from farm to malthouse, often 2,000 miles or more. The less distance grains have to travel from farm to malthouse, the less carbon emissions that are produced. We’ve reduced 1,064,030 pounds of CO2 by purchasing from family farms located within 500 miles of our malthouse. And, most are actually within 300 miles. 

Storytelling: Utilizing craft malt isn’t just a purchasing decision, it’s also a brand position that differentiates and adds value to your final products. Breweries and distilleries choosing to invest in their sourcing amplify the voice of the craft malt narrative buzzing in communities across the country. 


Long story short, we’re proud of our malt and our people, and deeply committed to our mission. We’re ready to talk shop any time. Send us your questions at