Albright Grove Brewing Co. – Ancient Trees

Style of Beer:

Riverbend Malt(s) Used:
6-Row Pilsner (6 Row Barley Malt) Munich Malt (2 Row Barley Malt), Appalachian Wheat (Wheat Malt)

Tasting Notes:

Brewed in collaboration with Perennial Artisanal Ales, this saison features heirloom Violetta barley, Abruzzi Rye, and soft red wheat locally grown in the southeast and malted by Riverbend Malt. The enigmatic Sacc Trois yeast strain creates a bright, fruity, citrus nose with a balance of black peppercorn and a creamy, silky body with a refreshing dry finish.

When/Where Available:
on draft and in cans

Release Type:

Release State: