Beer to Bags: Upcycling for a Cause



Over the years, we’ve participated in some fun with upcycling projects in line with our environmental objectives; but the Beer to Bags partnership is taking our efforts to another level!

Happy North Carolina Craft Beer Month everyone! This month, we are proud to announce that Riverbend Malt House is now the first malt house licensor for Beer To Bags. Beer To Bags upcycles spent malt bags to create stylish totes.

Why Upcycling?

Due to the amount of polypropylene in malt bags, they are a difficult product to recycle because they decompose at a very slow rate. Beer to Bags has found a solution to that problem by upcycling spent malt bags and turning them into customizable tote bags. Upcycling is preferred over recycling do to the amount of energy recycling takes. Rather than destroying the old bags and trying to make them into a new resource, Beer To Bags is able to modify them and turn them into a cool, useful product for beer lovers.

We’re working to remove millions of malt bags from landfills, but that’s just one material and industry. There is so much work to be done, so I welcome anyone who wants to join to make an impact where you can,” Emily Neville, the Founder of Beer To Bags told Authority Magazine earlier this year. “It takes the small, intentional efforts of all of us to make a difference.”

Upcycling For A Cause

Beer to Bags gives 1% of every sale to a good cause. For the totes made with Riverbend malt bags, they decided to give that 1% to the American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) because of the work that they do for us and craft maltsters all over the country. AMBA aims to help with the research and development of public sector malting barley varieties, helping farmers sustain the crops we use.

As part of this license, all totes made with our spent malt bags will include our logo on the inside of the tote. You can shop for totes made with Riverbend malt bags on the Beer To Bags website or you can customize a bag for yourself or your business using their Custom Order Consultation. With the holidays coming up, the timing couldn’t be better to treat the beer lovers in your life to these creative gifts.

Thanks to Beer To Bags and the AMBA for collaborating with us on this exciting partnership!