New Crystal 50 Malt Is The Darkest Offering Yet at Riverbend Malt House

crystal 50 malt

Riverbend Malt House now has a new answer to the frequently asked question, What’s the darkest malt you make?

Creating Riverbend’s Crystal Malt

Riverbend Malt House Crystal 50 is an acquiescence to the requests of many breweries across the Southeast for a Crystal Malt product dark enough to enhance Stouts and Porters and light enough to for Vienna and Dark Lager recipes.

“We’ve learned from the temperatures and times and moisture levels from double-kilning informed the recipe development for this new Crystal Malt,” says Riverbend Co-Founder Brian Simpson. “That move from caramelization to crystallization offered bigger, richer flavors and additional color, around 50 SRM. We truly crystallized the materials, so if we were to cut 90 percent of our grains open and take a look at the inside, they’re actually crystallized, and that’s much different than some of the Cara Munich products that are out there on the market.”

Introducing Crystal 50 Malt.

Crystal 50 malt delivers syrupy, smooth toffee notes supported by hints of coffee and dark chocolate. “I notice a richer, extended finish that dries up quickly— like drinking a liquified piece of toffee with dark fruit sweetness on the nose,” says Riverbend Co-Founder Brent Manning. 

After close to a year of research and development, Riverbend Malt House has a crystal malt joining its portfolio as a year-round release. 

One of the first beers brewed with this new style was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone, Spinnaker Pale Ale, made by Plankowner Brewing in South Carolina. “There’s been a huge comeback in the West Coast style of IPA, and without a good malty backbone, that style can suffer without the use of Crystal Malt,” says Plankowner Head Brewer Kyle Grove. “Having this new Crystal Malt style available from Riverbend helps us commit to our Craft Malt Certified™ seal and dedication to buying local.” 

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