Harding House Brewing Co. – Farm Hands

Style of Beer:
Sweet Potato English Ale

Riverbend Malt(s) Used:
Sunset Wheat

Tasting Notes:

This brew is a special collaboration with the Tennessee Local Food Summit. Farm Hands features 100% TN-grown grain from Teeter Farm & Seed, including the new Sunset Wheat Malt. We then added over 100lbs of TN roasted sweet potatoes grown by Caney Fork Farms in Carthage, TN. The base of this brew is inspired by the classic English Mild, a pub-style ale.

Expect an easy-drinking pub ale with notes of freshly roasted sweet potato on the nose, and flavors of caramel and toast on the palate.

When/Where Available:
Fort every pint sold at Harding House, $1 dollar will donated to The Tennessee Local Food Summit to help in their mission of education, growing, and promoting of local food systems within our communities.

Release Type:

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