Mainstays Made With Riverbend Heritage Malt


The arc of our malt variety development begins with Heritage Malt, the aptly named OG variety to come out of what we fondly call Malthouse 1.0. It’s not a Pale or a Pilsner, nor is it a Vienna or Light Munich-style malt; rather a malt expression all its own. Heritage Malt represents the experimentation and troubleshooting that went into those early batches, and has been the most challenging product to replicate in our new, larger vessels. We’re proud to say that it’s stood the test of time in our portfolio.  Taste it across the Southeast in these mainstay recipes.


Leiper’s Fork Distilling Co. Tennessee Whiskey – Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee

Tennessee law defines this style of whiskey as a spirit distilled in Tennessee from at least 51% corn that has undergone filtering the new-make spirit through layers of charcoal before barrel-aging in charred oak barrels. Leiper’s Fork Distilling Co., located Southwest of Nashville, crafts a beautiful Bottled In Bond expression of this whiskey style using our Heritage Malt. The resulting flavors are reminiscent of milk chocolate, roasted coffee, ripe plum, dark cherry and honey.  


Weathered Ground Brewing Co. To The Place I Belong Saison – Ghent, West Virginia

Heritage Malt is a favorite character malt at West Virginia’s Weathered Ground Brewing Co., where this malt appears in many of the lager recipes. You can also taste a touch of Heritage in To The Place I Belong Saison, an ale characterized by softer mouthfeel and body from the use of our malts (Heritage, Chit, Rye, and Pilsner) for as dry a beer as it is. 


Fullsteam Brewery Road to Nowhere IPA – Durham, North Carolina 

Fullsteam Brewery adds flavor depth to their Road to Nowhere IPA with Heritage Malt. Released annually for release in the fall, Fullsteam calls this beer “a love letter to the old worn mountains of Western North Carolina… the perfect pale ale for fall and winter.”