Little Animals Brewery – CHRONOMANCER

Style of Beer:
Saison de Coupage

Riverbend Malt(s) Used:
Cumberland Pilsner, 6-Row Pilsner, Appalachian Wheat, Flaked Rye

Tasting Notes:

CHRONOMANCER- blended farmhouse ale made from young stainless fermented saison and 18 month barrel-aged mixed culture sour beer conditioned on 1 LB-per-gallon black currant purée. 6.2% ABV. Original art by @bserway.

Saison de Coupage (or blended farmhouse ale) is kind of our thing nowadays! It allows us to marriage what we love about both barrel aged sour beer and young saison into something that we feel is greater than the sum of its parts. In our saison base we can get a beautiful expression of fruity and earthy Brettanomyces character, while in the sour base we can target acidity, oak, and a certain depth. By blending the two together (in this beer 66% saison to 33% sour) we can create a balance of acidity and Brettanomyces character that would otherwise be washed out by an abundance of acid. Also, we feel this type of blending allows for a better expression of fruit, as the acid from the beer doesn’t overpower it.

Expect bright, tart, jammy wine-like notes with a light acidity, zippy carbonation, and inviting minerality. This beer is a great gateway to mixed culture sour beer, as it has all the complexities of mixed culture fermentation without the punishing acidity, or if you’re like me and find you just can’t stomach high acid anymore.

When/Where Available:
Limited batch available at the brewery while supplies last

Release Type:

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