Mainstays Made With Riverbend Chesapeake Pilsner Malt


Chesapeake Pilsner Malt

Produced using 2-Row barley sourced from Virginia, Chesapeake Pilsner was another malt— like Cumberland Pilsner— created out of our custom craft malt program. It gives a nicely balanced mix of bread crumb and honeysuckle, and is just a touch sweeter than our original 6-row Pilsner. Chesapeake Pilsner’s light color allows for inclusion across a wide range of styles and creates a subtly unique flavor. 

Chesapeake Pilsner is a favorite among our customers, and a 2022 Malt Cup winner in the Pilsen category. Taste it all over the Southeast in these beers, and beyond.  

Hampline Brewing Company Memphis Natch Lager – Memphis, Tennessee 

This lager is named after the legendary bear Natchez, the first animal who lived in the Memphis Zoo. “In 1904, Colonel Robert Galloway started raising funds to shelter the bear who (trigger warning) had been chained to a tree in Overton Park,” says Hemline Brewing about their Memphis Natch Lager, made with our award-winning Chesapeake Pilsner Malt, Saaz and Huell Melon Hops, and Bohemian Pilsner yeast. “Galloway used his own money supplemented by the Parks Commission to form the zoo in 1906 and house Natch along with several other abandoned wild animals. Memphis Zoo is now consistently named one of the top zoos in the country. Rest in Power, Natch.” 

Big Lick Brewing Company Smith Mountain Lager  – Roanoke, Virginia

A classic American Lager that is light and easy drinking, Smith Mountain has a clean, honey-forward sweetness from Chesapeake Pilsner malt with a touch of floral and very light pear notes from the use of Contessa hops. 

Mason Jar Lager Co. Pull Tab Pilsner – Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina 

This clean Pilsner is made with 100 percent Chesapeake Pilsner, which sets the stage for an all Simcoe hop bill. Light and refreshing, with just the right amount of hop bitterness. “The Chesapeake Pilsner is such a nice variation on traditional pilsner, instead of straight honey flavors, it brings in an almost floral wild honey flavor,” says Lead Brewer Hannah Parris. 

Beech Mountain Brewery Lager – Beech Mountain, North Carolina 

After a visit to the malt house and a blind taste test last year, Beech Mountain Brewery switched this beer’s base to Chesapeake Pilsner. “We used the same amount of malt, same mash profile, and water chemistry in the brew house along with the same lagering schedule, so this was a good chance to see which beer came out on top,” Beech Mountain says in a blog post. “After a blind taste test that was conducted twice, nearly everyone could taste the difference in the lager with the new malt and all testers preferred it. It has a nice balanced profile of bread crumb and honeysuckle.” 

Elation Brewing Larchmont Lager – Norfolk, Virginia 

Elation Brewing attributes the cracker-y, crisp flavors in their flagship Larchmont Lager, a medium bodied German-style Pilsner, to our Chesapeake Pilsner malt. Their use of traditional Saaz hops in this recipe offers a beautiful bouquet of herbal and floral aromas that carry to the palate along with a hint of spice.