Riverbend Malt House Announces Major Expansion

ASHEVILLE, NC– Riverbend Malt House announced that installation of its new 10 metric tonne Germination Kiln Vessel (GKV) was completed this week, with first malt production from the unit expected in coming weeks. This equipment complements a new 10 tonne steep tank which was installed earlier this year. Collectively, all of the new equipment in the Asheville-based malt house increases Riverbend’s overall craft malt production capacity by more than 50 percent. 

“Riverbend’s sales grew by more than 40 percent in 2021 and we don’t see that growth rate tapering in 2022,” noted Scott Hickman, Riverbend Malt House CEO. “This new equipment is a critical part of an effort to be prepared for anticipated demand.” 

Last year Asheville local Hillman Beer Company made the switch to Riverbend as their primary base malt provider, and that move has created consistency in an otherwise unstable supply chain. “It’s comforting as we celebrate our second year anniversary at our second location this week to know we’re going into our future with a great local partner who we can count on for consistency and quality,” says Co-Owner Brad Hillman. 

With more craft malt production for brewers and distillers comes increased purchasing of grain from local, family-owned farming partners, and the hiring of additional employees at above Living Wage levels. These implications fulfill Riverbend’s corporate charter embodied in the company motto, Malt with a Mission.

Contact Emily Hutto at hutto@radcraftbeer.com with media inquiries about Riverbend Malt House and its 2022 expansion.