It’s Business Time…

Riverbend Worker Prepares Malt at Riverbend Facility
business time

Loading our first batch into the steep tank!

Last week was a whirlwind….final inspections (which we passed), grain deliveries, and a successful kiln test!!!  A wild ride to say the least.  We capped off the week by starting our first batch.  We have chosen to begin at 50% capacity…just until we get things “wired”.  I also envision it will take us awhile to figure out the bag sewer…nothing like the thrill of holding a high-powered needle gun next to your fingers!

The weeks ahead will be packed with preparations for a busy Oktoberfest season.  We are entering a Belgian Wit recipe in homebrew contests at both the Kingsport, TN and Charlotte Oktoberfest events.  This beer was made using 100% locally grown Appalachian White Wheat and Thoroughbred barley. Hope it fares well with the participants and judges at these events.  I’m also planning a Rye IPA for one of the after parties.  This one will be our first brew with the rye we picked up last month…should be fun.

We will also be speaking at Beer University during the Kingsport event….a full 30 minute presentation on malting science and global beer market trends!

For more information on the Kingsport event click here.

For more information on the Charlotte event click here.