13 Mexican Lagers Made With Riverbend Malt To Drink This May

Mexican Lager season 2024

Happy Mexican Lager season!

It delights us to say that there’s now a ‘season’ for this formerly more obscure lager style! Mexican Lagers are having a moment in the lager Renaissance sweeping the Southeastern states, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The Mexican Lager beer style, loosely defined, tends to mimic traditional German and Austrian-style Vienna Lagers made with corn additions in Mexico in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This article by Casket Beer gets into Mexican Lager’s history if you want a deep dive. 

This spring, breweries across the South are releasing Mexican Lagers made with our barley and corn malt across the map— adding another layer of local terroir to the rich cultural history of the evolution of the style. The use of malted corn in place of the flaked corn offers the opportunity to explore unique flavors that each variety can impart.

Our malted corn portfolio includes Cumberland Corn, which delivers the classic creamy sweetness of homemade cornbread. Hickory King Corn goes in the opposite direction, contributing the crisp, earthy notes of hearth baked tortillas. Bloody Butcher Corn brings a mix of chai spices not typically associated with Southern grown corn. 

“I think this style is gaining more and more popularity because of the “state-of-mind” experience these beers tend to offer, as well as their drinkability,” says Yee-Haw Brewing Co. Head Brewer Dan Rowe. “They lean into being slightly malty, yet very approachable light-bodied lagers, with a dry finish. That earthy touch of corn in the flavor and reduced bitterness differentiates it from its counterparts from Germany, the Czech Republic and your standard American macro lager. Circling back around to that “state of mind” experience, they’re a perfect companion to virtually any outdoor activities, especially during all warmer weather months.” 

From May 3 to 5, Yee-Haw Brewing Co. will host Cerveza Fest at the brewery’s taprooms in Johnson City, Knoxville, and Nashville, Tennessee, as well as Greenville, South Carolina. Don’t miss their spotlight, the flagship Mexican Lager Cerveza, and the lime-infused Cerveza Lime made for the occasion. Find full menus for Cerveza Fest at each location here

Yee-Haw’s Cerveza is made with Riverbend Cumberland Corn, produced with Tennessee-grown corn. “The corn creates a lager with more complexity,” says Rowe. “You start finding more and more slight nuances of sweetness and depending on the level of bitterness you’re going for as a brewer, it can potentially be the key ingredient to providing balance.” 

Marlow Artisanal Ales agrees. The folks at Marlow are ‘massive nerds about tortillas’, reporting they can taste the variation between homemade tortillas made with different corn varieties. “So, we sought out heirloom varieties that would make the biggest impact in our beer,” they explained. They chose Bloody Butcher and King Hickory corn malts for Marlito, a drinkable experience with slight corn perceived sweetness in the finish, although the beer finished quite dry.

Explore even more Mexican Lagers made with Riverbend malted corn varieties, and other malt styles too. 

Akademia Brewing Company Alma Mexican Lager is bright and effervescent with low bitterness and a subtle sweetness from the malt and flaked maize grain bill. 

Alga Beer Co. El Sur is a highly anticipated release made with our Vienna and Hickory King Corn malt styles. This light, bright, warm weather lager will be available in cans and on draught on Sunday, May 5.

Crooked Culture Esta Bien Conmigo is an effervescent Mexican Lager; a refreshing and easy-drinking beer that embodies the spirit of Mexico’s warm and sunny climate. 

Homeplace Beer Company recently collaborated with Big Pillow Brewing Company on Los Vecinos Mexican Lager with Riverbend Chesapeake Pilsner and Bloody Butcher corn malts. Served with a lime and salted rim upon request. 

NoFo Brewing Co. Collateral is a thirst-quenching Mexican Lager brewed with Bloody Butcher corn that helps to impart an earthy aroma. This crisp tasting and clean finishing beer is eminently drinkable, especially with a squeeze of lime.

Riverside Rhapsody It’s Cohn! Mexican Lager is brewed with our Chesapeake Pilsner and Cumberland Corn malts, fermented long and cold, and spunded for natural carbonation. 

Senoia Beer Company Muertos Viventes is a year-round offering made with Chesapeake Pilsner and Hickory King Corn. Its flavors of freshly baked bread, tortillas, and earthy spice are especially nice during Mexican Lager season.

Shellring Aleworks Chela De Playa is brewed with our Vienna, Pilsner, Cumberland Pilsner and Hickory King Corn malts. It’s brewed to pair with the South Carolina summer heat. This year, Chela De Playa Noche Dark Mexican Lager joins the lineup— Caramel malt and Hickory King Corn deliver a crisp, malty version of Shellring’s Mexican-style Lager. 

South Main Brewing OSCURO is another Mexican-Style Dark Lager that starts with a canvas of Cumberland Pilsner, Vienna malts in order to elicit hints of slightly sweet kettle corn, slightly roasty caramel, and a grassy crispness. Cumberland Corn smooths out the dryness for a rounded finish. Deep amber in color and robust in flavor, it’s also snappy and refreshing. Think LALO’s Lager & Dark Horse had a baby.

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