A Riverbend original! Notes of caramel and toasted bread are prominently featured in this product. We’ve developed the color and aroma of this malt to perform like a light Munich/Vienna style malt. This versatile malt packs enough diastastic power to perform as a base malt in a Belgian Dubbel recipe or can be used at lower percentages in an Ordinary Bitter.

Extract FG: 79.5%
Protein: 9.6%
Alpha Amylase: 33.1
DP: 118
Color: 5.4 Lovibond

Pale Malt

A standard, fully modified malt with good flavor and efficiency. Now produced using North Carolina grown 2-row barley. Look for a bigger, fresher flavor from this compared to traditional base malts.

Extract FG: 80.3%
Protein: 9.8%
Alpha Amylase: 123
DP: 123
Color: 2.3 Lovibond

Pilsner Malt

Slightly undermodified and kilned at lower temperatures than our Pale Malt.  Maintains more of the delicate grassy, grainy flavors that are associated with this style of malt.  Perfect for Saisons, Helles, etc.

Extract FG: 81.3%
Protein: 9.8%
Alpha Amylase: 32.4
DP: 133
Color: 2.0 Lovibond

Appalachian Wet Wheat

This malt uses a new regionally adapted variety of soft red wheat called Oakes.  This variety was developed for use in the artisan bread industry, but we’ve found it makes a great malting variety as well! The aroma and flavor are more pronounced than traditional wheats, while still promoting head retention and body in the finished beer. Try it in your favorite hefeweizen or saison recipe.

Extract FG: 83.5%
Protein: 11.6%
Alpha Amylase: 26.4
DP: 105
Color: 2.9 Lovibond

Carolina Rye

This malt is produced using an heirloom variety called Wrens Abruzzi that has been grown in the south for over 200 years. Look for classic blend herbal spice, black peppercorn, and citrus flavor. Try it in a saison, pale ale, or whiskey recipe for an added punch of flavor!

Extract FG: 85.5%
Protein: 11.2%
Alpha Amylase: 32.8
DP: 119
Color: 5.5 Lovibond


We are working hard to meet current demand for our existing products…stay tuned for more information on new products later this year!


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