Riverbend Malt House 2023 Oktoberfest Planning Guide

Oktoberfest planning guide


It’s almost time to fill those tanks with German-style lagers to serve during this Oktoberfest season. Here is an Oktoberfest planning guide to our standard malt offerings to help plan all of your 2023 recipes. 

Czech-Style Pilsner (<2 SRM)

This product was inspired by the malts hailing from the Hana valley in the eastern portion of the Czech Republic that remain truly under-modified and low in color. In order to reign in these traits, we reduced our steep out moisture and reduced germination temperatures, and coupled this approach with a cool, gentle kiln recipe to ensure minimal color development. The result is a malt with a distinct flavor and color of 2 SRM or less.

The lack of modification opens the door for brewers to utilize step mashing or multiple decoctions to increase efficiency and build flavor. Don’t have that capability in your brew house? Not to worry– we aimed for a level modification that doesn’t require these steps.

Great For: Czech Pilsner, Saison


Chesapeake Pilsner (2 SRM)

One of our best selling flagships, this malt has been featured in a wide array of lagers around the Southeast. Produced using 100% VA-grown barley, this malt contributes notes of fresh-baked crackers and honeysuckle. 

Great For: German Pilsner


Cumberland Pilsner (2 SRM)

This Pilsner is produced using 100% Calypso barley. Calypso imparts a breadier, fruitier profile when compared to the Chesapeake Pilsner Malt. 

Great For: Helles, American Pilsner


Vienna Malt (4-6 SRM)

We kiln this style similarly to our Light Munich malt, with a cooler curing temperature to minimize color development. Vienna Malt helps to create full body and smooth mouthfeel, while importing honey and biscuit flavors. 

Great For: Marzen, Festbier 


Heritage Malt (6-8 SRM)

Notes of caramel and toasted bread are prominently featured in this product, developed to perform like a light Munich or Vienna style malt. This versatile style packs enough diastastic power to perform as a base malt to boot. 

Great For: Vienna Lager, ESB


Light Munich (8-12 SRM)

Producing a high-quality Munich-style malt requires a completely different approach to the process. Higher kilning temperatures and extended times combine to create the rich, bready flavor profile that these malts are known for. We use a proprietary blend of 2-row barley varieties as the base for this product. Try it as a base malt for your next Doppelbock recipe or in smaller percentages in a Helles!

Great For: Helles, Doppelbock 


Dark Munich (25-35 SRM)

A continuation of the Munich-style, this product is crafted using an intense 30+ hour kiln cycle that utilizes high temperatures and different air flow management techniques. The result is an aromatic malt that delivers notes of baker’s chocolate, toast, and dark fruit. 

Great For: Doppelbock 


Double Kilned Munich (50 SRM)

As its name suggests, Double Kilned Munich makes two trips through the kiln, a process that helps develop the complex flavors and increases color to approximately 50 SRM. This malt will contribute a beautiful, ruby red hue and notes of dark fruit and toffee with a touch of fresh roasted coffee flavor. 

Great For: Czech Dark Lager, Baltic Porter 


Munich Rye (40 SRM)

This malt is kilned at higher temperatures throughout and delivers notes of pumpernickel bread, cardamon, and allspice.

Great For: Belgian Dubbel, Brown Ale


There is also plenty of time to reach out about designing a malt blend to create signature flavor profiles. Please reach out to your Riverbend representative or email sales@riverbendmalt.com for more information about our custom malt program

Sample Grain Bills


Czech Pilsner – 70%

Vienna – 23%

Dark Munich – 7%



Cumberland Pilsner – 45%

Light Munich – 45%

Double Kilned Munich – 10%